About Aaran TV

  • Watch Live Streaming with DVR from
    Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya & Ethiopia and World.

Aaran TV brings you best of Somali Live TV Channels with DVR (Catch Up) & all available on Amazon Fire TV. Create account at http://www.aarantv.com & start watching now!. Aaran TV is the most comprehensive subscription based multimedia bouquet offer aimed at Somali community living abroad. All of Aaran TV's contents are delivered in standard/high definition TV which are coming to you directly from sources in Somalia and Europe.

AaranTV allows you to watch live TV on one device at a time. Fast-forward, rewind, and pause on most channels; plus look back on certain channels with up to 3 days of replay. No DVR needed! The app provides a list of DVR individually for each channel. That way you will not miss any of your favorite shows

  1. AaranTV - Provides live streaming of television channels from Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya & Ethiopia.
  2. High Quality Streaming via our Premium Network from our own Data Center. No more buffering problem.
  3. AaranTV - is the best application in its class. You can watch your favorite TV program of your favorite channel.
  4. Up to 3 Days Online DVR (Catch Up), Never Miss Any Program
  5. All Platforms Supported: Amazon Fire TV and Online WebTV

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