Aaran TV - Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android & Web TV Activation

  • Watch Live Streaming with DVR from
    Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya & Ethiopia and World.

Aaran TV Provides Live Streaming with DVR (Catch Up) from Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia & World.
All Available On Amazon Fire TV, Android app and WebTV (PC/Mac/iOS/Android)

Aaran TV is a revolutionary cloud TV platform that delivers a cable-like television lineup to your television and other connected devices - Amazon Fire TV, Android tablets and smartphones, computers, iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) via Web TV, and even Apple TV via AirPlay casted from your iDevice. Aaran TV is the most comprehensive subscription based multimedia bouquet offer aimed at Somali community living abroad. All of Aaran TV's contents are delivered in standard/high definition TV which are coming to you directly from sources in Somalia and Europe.

Watch Following Popular Channels with Catch-Up (DVR) Feature, Never Miss Any Program!

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